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S-6891 Solway Set 2

Product Options

  • Maple & Clear Trays
    Part Number: S-6891-07
    Price: Contact Us
  • Maple & Magnolia Clears
    Part Number: S-6892-07
    Price: Contact Us
  • White & Clear Trays
    Part Number: S-6891-05
    Price: Contact Us
  • White & Magnolia Trays
    Part Number: S-6892-05
    Price: Contact Us

Product Images

Product Specification

The whole set as photographed above consisting of - 

S-6800 3x3 Tray Unit 
S-6810 2 Tray Unit with Shelves
S-6820 3 High Corner Unit
S-6840 2 Tray Unit with Shleves
S-6850 2 High Corner Unit
S-6860 Solway Mirror Top Open Unit 
S-6871 Corner Unit with Cushion
14 Clear Trays 

Available with Magnolia ttrays with code S-6892


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